Cast Comfort Spray is a unique aerosol spray that keeps casted patients happy! It is designed to be used under the cast, boosting comfort, cooling and calming the skin and helping to eliminate awkward cast odor. Cast Comfort Spray is safe, effective and easy to use. Order yours today at 1-800-345-3176.

If you've ever had a broken limb, you know that the discomfort that occurs under the cast is an ongoing problem. In many cases, it's nearly impossible to reach the affected area. And the odor that can develop in a cast after it has been on for several weeks can be bothersome as well. Until now, you just had to deal with it.

                                         Finally there is a solution!

Cast Comfort Spray may be applied through fiberglass casts or directly to the skin under all types of casts. A thin plastic applicator tube allows you to direct the cooling, soothing aerosol spray directly to the problem areas.

Cast Comfort is economical and can be purchased as a single can or in larger quantities as needed. Whether you personally have a cast or are a pharmacy or doctor's office, you should have Cast Comfort on hand.

Call 1-800-345-3176 today to order your Cast Comfort at factory-direct prices! We can ship to anywhere in the continental United States within 24 hours via UPS Ground. 

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